9 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster!

By: Patrick Fields

9 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster!

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Want to sell your home faster and for more money? 
Here are 9 Things You Can Do that are inexpensive to help Sell Your Home quicker in any market!

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Now here are 9 things you can do to help your home sell quicker.

  1. New Paint
Clean neutral color is so important when a home is for sale!   The painting of your home is relatively inexpensive and can improve the first impression of your home. It is a good idea to choose light, neutral colours because they can make small rooms feel bigger and less claustrophobic for some!  It can really help a potential buyer to envision their belongings in the home. Before painting, be sure to fix any dings, marks or cracks in the walls. Painting your home can potentially be the best return on investment in your sale.  A fresh coat of paint instantly updates your home and gives it a fresh and clean feel for the home shoppers to appreciate.
  1. Clear the Clutter
Before you can start showing your home or take the listing photos, you want to ensure that your home is inviting, one that is organised and shows ample storage space. When doing a de-clutter, you need to remember the garage, any backyard sheds or utility closets. People want to see all of the spaces in and out of the home. In the kitchen it is important to show clean and clear countertops, an organized pantry and cupboards. Your fridge and under sink areas should be tidy as well. Your laundry area should definitely not be forgotten either. Cleaning products should be put away and floors and appliances need to be spotless. As far as the bathrooms go, you need to organize your countertops because no one wants to see toothbrushes and haircare products sitting around. The rest of the house requires a good declutter. Paperwork should be hidden. Rooms need to be free of eyesores, so tidy up bookshelves, tables, and halls.
  1. Boost Curb Appeal.
Many sellers tend to ignore this step. Often times, buyers will drive by the home to determine if it looks like it suits them visually and decide if they even want to see the inside!! There are many things you can do to increase your curb appeal. Power washing the exterior of your home and sidewalks, as well as planting colourful flowers are two great ways. Ensure the lawn is mowed and edging is clean. Also, re-seed any dead spots. Wash the front windows. A clean doormat and swept porch are important. Adding solar lights to the property is a nice touch so buyers get a good feeling about it if driving by at night. 
  1. Open Up Your Closets.
Potential buyers will open up closet doors to take a peek. These areas can be a make or break for a buyer, so be sure to show it best by clearing out any excess items.  You may need to store things by boxing it up but this is important. A good gauge is to have at least 25-30% empty space to give the impression of spaciousness.
  1. Maximize the light in your home.
One of the best ways to show off your home is by letting the sun shine in. We all love bright and light so be sure to open your blinds, curtains and shades to allow in the most light. If you have a room that does not get much light consider adding a lamp that can be left on.  Dark = gloomy.
  1. Ensure anything needing repairs is fixed.
If you are having any issues with appliances those should be addressed before listing your home. The same goes for any leaky faucets, any burned out light bulbs or isues of any sort. A serious buyer will most often have the home inspected and tend to ask for additional money off before finalizing the sale if they find issues. I always do a walk through with my home sellers before we list and give tips and suggestions to prep to show its absolute best!
  1. Give your home a good clean.
Nothing puts off a potential buyer like a dirty house. Be sure to remember the inside of cabinets and appliances, as well as floors and room corners where dirt collects, and inside closets and windows. Be sure to always leave your home with clean floors and countertops and don’t forget the bathrooms. Consider steam cleaning carpets before your list as well, it definitely makes a difference.  If you have pets, ensure that potential buyers do not notice that as soon as they center the door!  Pet smell is the 2nd biggest turn off for most home buyers! 
  1. Rearrange your furniture.
In your living room, symmetrical arrangements of furniture work best. Keep furniture away from the walls and use pairs of sofas, chairs, and lamps to create an inviting conversation area. We tend to forget our dining tables so consider styling it with a floral arrangement.  Consider having a professional stager come in and give their opinion!
  1. Pricing.

No seller wants to leave money on the table, but the strategy of selling at an unrealistically high price with the idea that you can come down in price later doesn’t work in real estate unless you’re wanting a very lengthy sale. Buyers and their agents have access to home sales information the same as how the sellers agent determines the appropriate listing price, so they know what your home is valued at when writing an offer. If your home is priced higher than other comparable homes for sale most buyers won’t put in an offer because it will seem that you really aren’t that motivated to sell.  Pricing correctly ensures a reasonable time frame to recieve an offer if the home is desirable.
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